Annette Heals

Annette Heals

I have been doing readings and healing since 1991 and am also a Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant/ Claircognisant, Psychic Counsellor and Healer and have Certificates for everything I do (see link - LINK). In 2001 there was an article about me in the Femina Magazine and I also appeared on TV in a Valentine's Day issue on the 13th and 14th February 2016 (Enca/E TV interviewed me for the item). I look at Emotional, Financial, General, Medical and Relationship issues and before we use the cards intuitively pick up your issues/queries. We then use the Tarot and/or Oracle Cards, Destiny Cards, Runes or Numerology and I answer your questions during the session. Readings are done with insight, clarity and practical advice on all matters. I lived in Cape Town and Johannesburg and was at Gecko Jewellery, The Waterfront Randburg (for 2.5 years till it was demolished), Rosebank Sunday Market and Dreamcatchers Crystal Shop before moving to Weston-Super-Mare in North Somerset, UK in June 2016. I will be working from home or various fairs and markets, but will still be doing e.mail readings.    


If you want an e.mail reading from South Africa, I would provide my Bank details for that area – the rate would be R450 – R500 (depending on the number of questions) for a 1 or 2 page typed reading and will be sent to you that day or the next.

E.mail readings from the UK would be £35 for a 1 or 2 page typed reading and I would provide a different Bank address.     I do not want to know anything when we start, except for your name, e.mail address, occupation and questions if you want, but we could work without these.   Shorter readings are R300 for South Africa and £20 for the UK.   

My e.mail address is and my cell phone number is 07770499404 in the UK.



"The Truth Shall Set You Free"


  • Psychic Counselling (Medical, Financial,Relationship)
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Oracle Cards, Runes, Palmistry, Numerology
  • Medium, Psychic Reading
  • Sales and Support Training (Pastel, IQ)

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